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"Octagon" Architectural Group

119180, Moscow,
1-st.Khvostov sidestr., 11A, office 402

Tel.:   (499) 238-37-22,
(499) 238-36-11

32, Route de Cheroy
89150, Domats

Tél.: (+33) 787 93 86 15

About Us

About Us

The "Octagon" Architectural Group company was established in December 2007 by architects who have worked a long time in the State Unitary Enterprise "Mosproekt-2" "Bouygues Batiment Int".

Our specialists have experience in designing various facilities, including shopping and
entertainment centers, logistics and service centers, complexes of administrative and
residential buildings, hotels and exhibition centers. We have experience of adaptation of
foreign projects to Russian conditions.
We participated in the design and construction of such facilities as:

- Hypermarket "Auchan" as part of MEGA-Teply Stan (Moscow Region, on Mamyri);
- SC "IKEA" as part of MEGA-Belaya Dacha (Moscow region, Kotelniki);
- Bank "Vizavi", reconstruction of the building (Moscow, Usacheva st., 24);
- "Lukoil" office building complex, reconstruction of the entrance (Moscow, Sretensky Blvd, 11);
- ZAO "JFC Group" (Moscow region, on Kyrylivka);
- GC "Kazan Compound" (Kazan, Bauman st.);
- LC "Belaya Dacha Market" 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Moscow region, Kotelniki);
- Shopping mall concepts in Tula, Volgograd, Tomsk;
- SC "Cascade" (Cheboksary, Presidential Blvd).

Our main activity is comprehensive architectural design and construction of a wide
range of facilities. This includes conceptual design, participation in the coordination of
projects and supervision of construction.


Design and construction:

- Multifunctional shopping and entertainment centers;
- Logistics centers;
- Administrative and office buildings;
- Hotel complexes;
- High-rise residential buildings and structures;
- Individual housing (residential estates and individual houses).
3D modeling and visualization of designed projects.

Our goal is to offer our Customers projects of a high European quality, not forgetting the
need for Customers to maximize profits from each meter built. At all stages our work is
distinguished by an individual creative approach to design, high-quality implementation
of project documentation, meeting the needs of the Customer and the desire to create
memorable projects.

We hope for a mutually beneficial cooperation..


Nickolay Ivanov

Nickolay Ivanov

Irina Malozemova

member of Moscow Union of Architects
Irina Malozemova